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Resident alleges McManus sediment clogging Burnett Creek

According to the permit, the limit of total suspended solids in the treated water released from the coal ash pond is 30 milligrams-per-liter — or parts-per-million — on average for the month, and 100 mg/L for an individual day.

Dominic Weatherill, now principal scientist for Georgia Power, was an environmental analyst for the company when he sent an email to EPD on Aug. 22, 2016 advising the agency of topping the maximum suspended solids level.

“I want to inform you of an effluent limit exceedance at Plant McManus,” Weatherill wrote. “We have just received confirmation from our lab that the effluent TSS on Aug. 10, 2016, was 126 mg/L versus the 100 mg/L maximum permit effluent limitation. We are still evaluating the cause of the exceedance, but our initial assessment has concluded that bacteria/algae build-up in the effluent pipe is the reason.” Read the full article here

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