Oconee River

The Oconee River’s headwaters are located in Hall County.

The Middle Oconee and North Oconee flow 55-65 miles before joining below Athens to form the Oconee River. The Oconee River then flows freely for about 20 miles until it joins the northern end of Lake Oconee, which is formed by Wallace Dam.

Lake Sinclair is below Wallace Dam and is formed by Sinclair Dam. The Oconee River below Sinclair Dam flows freely, with the exception of one abandoned diversion dam near Milledgeville, for about 143 miles to its confluence with the Ocmulgee to form the Altamaha River.

The Oconee River Basin drains a total of 5,330 square miles and contains 10,973 acres of lakes.

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Oconee River Recreation Map

Oconee River Gauges

Dublin (DBNG1)

Milledgeville (MLGG1)

Mount Vernon (MTVG1)

Oconee (OCNG1)

Avant Mine (OCOG1)

Penfield (PNFG1)

Lake Sinclair (SNCG1)

Lake Oconee (WDMG1)

Oconee River Safety Map

Oconee River Outfitters

Oconee River Fishing Guides

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