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Rayonier AM’s Permit to Dump Wastewater into Altamaha Nullified

An Atlanta judge has sided with environmental groups in ruling that a huge pulp mill in Southeast Georgia discharges too much pollution into the Altamaha River, known fondly as “the Little Amazon.”

Administrative law judge Kimberly Schroer  nullified, in essence, a wastewater permit allowing the Rayonier Advanced Materials mill in Jesup to dump millions of gallons of treated wood pulp daily into the river. The state’s Environmental Protection Division issued the permit for the mill, built in 1954, last December.

We are thrilled with the Court’s ruling that the permit is considered unlawful.  Fishermen, kayakers and recreationists of all sorts are aware of the awful stench and stain that is pumped into the river daily by Rayonier Advanced Materials, and the Judge concluded that it interferes with citizens’ legitimate uses of the river,” said Jen Hilburn, Altamaha Riverkeeper.

“Further, the Court recognized that our Environmental Protection Division appeared to give the 100+ public written comments against this pollution little more than a cursory glance in considering the new permit.  Those communities who love this river and want to enjoy it are the real winners today.”

Read the judge’s decision.

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