Altamaha Riverkeeper News

Atwood Requests Reconsideration of Spit Permit

Responding to constituent concerns, Georgia Rep. Alex Atwood (R-St.Simons) has asked the DNR’s Shore Protection Committee to reconsider its decision to grant a Permit to Sea Island Acquisitions to build a groin to protect eight lots it wants to sell from further beach erosion caused largely by the groin the Sea Island company built previously further up the beach. See his letter .

The action is one of several that followed the commitee’s 2-1 decision in favor of building the proposed 100-plus yard sea wall. The Altamaha Riverkeeper, along with 100 Miles, GreenLaw, the Center for a Sustainable Coast, Surfrider Foundation and the Southeast Legal Foundation are pursuing appeals before an administrative law judge. There is also an effort, supported by a large number of St. Simons residents, to encourage the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to hold a hearing before deciding on SIA’s request for a separate permit it needs from the corps before proceeding.  


There are so many ways that you can help keep our rivers clean and beautiful. Responding to Action Alerts or reaching out to your elected representatives. Find your way to get involved!