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Atlanta’s remarkable watershed mural


By Charles SeabrookARK Watershed Mural 5

“Atlanta watershed” is a mural along DeKalb Ave. in the Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta?  This amazing mural, nearly as long as a football field, is in two halves. One side depicts the Chattahoochee and its tributaries from headwaters to where it meets with the Apalachicola and flows into the Gulf. The other half, shown in this gallery, depicts the Altamaha and its tributaries from headwaters to where the Altamaha flows into the Atlantic. The mural was commissioned several years ago by the Lake Claire Neighborhood Association. The reason it’s on DeKalb Ave. (near the intersection with Clifton Road) in Atlanta  is because that point is near the subcontinental divide — technically, if you stand there facing towards downtown Atlanta with a bucket of water in each hand, and empty one bucket to the right of you, it will end up in the Chattahoochee watershed and ultimately the Gulf; if you empty the bucket to the left of you, it flows into the Altamaha watershed and the Atlantic.

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