Earth Justice Released ‘Georgia Coal Ash Report’

We wanted to share with you the new Georgia Coal Ash report, a review of Georgia Power’s own groundwater testing around their coal ash ponds around the state.  As you can see, every pond in...MORE »

Georgia Power coal ash ponds leaking toxins into groundwater

Eleven of Georgia’s 12 coal-powered plants are leaking chemicals into the groundwater, according to a study by a group of environmentalists that was released Thursday. Ten of those 11 plants are...MORE »

Sea Island Spit Update:

A federal judge Monday denied a motion by the Altamaha Riverkeeper and One Hundred Miles to bring a preliminary injunction to halt the construction of a second groin on the Sea Island spit. In his...MORE »

Hercules 009 Superfund Site Update

Update on Hercules 009 Superfund site (Hercules 009 Landfill site is located in Brunswick, Georgia. EPA placed the site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 1984 because of...MORE »

Alert: Revised Waters of the United States Proposed

In Georgia, water rollback divides on property rights vs. environment… Here is a summary of what we know right now: 1) Ephemeral waters—streams, ditches, etc. will not be covered; 2)...MORE »

2018 Dirty Dozen Report: Dirty Politics Leads to Dirty Water

Rather than identifying the “most polluted places” in Georgia, the Georgia Water Coalition’s (GWC) eighth annual Dirty Dozen report, highlights the politics, policies, and issues that...MORE »

What’s New and What’s Coming Back Around

E-News Blast from Altamaha Riverkeeper. Wow, what have we been up to these past few months…well, a lot to say the least! Read a small update of what issues we have been working on besides 2...MORE »

Amendment 1: Passed!

Thanks to you and the thousands of Georgians who spread the word and voted yes for the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment, we have made history. For the first time, Georgia has a dedicated funding...MORE »

Altamaha Riverkeeper and Rep. Jeff Jones push for oyster-law changes

In other states, farmers can use systems of mesh bags filled with baby oysters and grow them to harvestable size in floating cages tethered to the bottoms of estuaries. The oysters can be...MORE »

Coal Ash Victory at Lake Sinclair!

Georgia Power (GP) just announced they will be excavating all of the toxic, heavy metal-laden coal ash ponds around Lake Sinclair, the site of the former Plant Harllee Branch and...MORE »
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