Resident alleges McManus sediment clogging Burnett Creek

According to the permit, the limit of total suspended solids in the treated water released from the coal ash pond is 30 milligrams-per-liter — or parts-per-million — on average for the month,...MORE »

Sea Island Call to Action

The Southern Environmental Law Center submited comments on behalf of Altamaha Riverkeeper, One Hundred Miles, and the Surfrider Foundation. In these comments we oppose Sea Island...MORE »

New Comments Submitted for the Sea Island Spit Project

Comments on behalf of Altamaha Riverkeeper, Hundred Miles, and Surfrider Foundation with respect to Sea Island Acquisition, LLC’s application for a permit to construct a groin and renourish...MORE »

Why would anyone build an elementary school on a Superfund site?

Glynn County Board of Education has this amazing opportunity to fix a wrong that should never have happened in the first place. Move the children away from toxic pollution. Why is this not obvious?...MORE »

Coal Ash Hearing- Brunswick News

“There is no nice way to say it,” NeSmith said. “If you throw out today’s protective coal ash guidelines, communities such as Jesup will become environmental prostitutes with the big-moneyed...MORE »

EPA conducts sole coal ash hearing

“It is long overdue for industry to stop the transfer of cost-savings onto the health and well-being of our citizens and waterways. It is a requirement that the Environmental Protection Agency...MORE »

Population growth and impacts from sea level rise are major threats to GA coast

Pollution growth and impacts from sea level rise are major threats to the long term health of Georgia’s coast, Riverkeeper Jen Hilburn according to a collaborative report released...MORE »

ALTAMAHA RIVER Bridge Builder Protects Altamaha, Endangered Fish and Mussels

Scott Bridge Co. project over the Altamaha River, some old-fashioned building techniques actually got the bridge built quicker at a lower cost to taxpayers and with increased protections for the...MORE »

OCMULGEE RIVER Innovative Sewer Pipe Renewal Protects Macon’s Water Source and Recreational Hotspot

The Macon Water Authority (MWA) used innovative pipe repair methods to not only keep Macon’s sewage flowing but also protect sensitive areas along the Ocmulgee River. In doing so, the...MORE »

Our Last Chance for Georgia to Protect Our Coast from Off-shore Drilling

We only have a few more days to get the state resolutions passed (with the session ending on March 30). SR 706 is stuck in the Natural Resources Committee (Chairman Harper) and HR 1041 is stuck...MORE »
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